Friday 6th october the judo ashes took place at the beautiful pennhil park hotel in surrey. In this the top judkas from Camberley Judo Club took on 6 of the best from belguim . Legacys Adam Franks went down for the evening to check it out .

Now unlike most judo matches this is scored as a team if you win the match your team gets a point , there were 6 matches in total 3 before dinner then 3 after , But The main reason for this evening was fundraising  for those Professional athletes on the mat.

We all know that professional athletes can make a great deal of money – sometimes more, even if they’re retired. For example, Michael Jordan, over ten years retired, made £90M in 2013 — possibly more than all of the athletes in the rio 2016 Olympics combined — and more than every other active professional athlete individually except for boxer and former Olympian Floyd Mayweather who made £100 million in one night fighting Connor Mcgreggor.

However, Olympic athletes are typically nowhere nearly as fortunate. In fact, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) does not pay athletes a penny for their appearance in the Olympics. These Athletes have to fund their way either from their own pockets or through other means.

Now all of the athletes fighting tonight were full time, but none of them get paid or back by british judo to train as there all self funded . This is a harsh reality facing many Olympians chasing the dream of going to the next games in 2020 and why such evenings like this must take place.

So what does self funded mean ? 

This means the athlete has to raise money for food , living exspenses , training equipment and flights for fights that are often held in different countries which can be very costly indeed. Unfortunalty this is a regualar part of these athletes lifes as it very rare to find a fully funded olympic athlete.

Now Camberley Camberley Judo Club is a full time high performance elite judo training centre and these guys train harder then most fully funded athletes i know. With early morning techique sessions on the mat , strength and conditioning sessions, on the mat agian at lunch, then again once more in the evening.  They have produced olympic medalists, commenwealth medalist all un funded so just imagine what they could do if they wear funded.

Back to the Judo Ashes and On the mat tonight it was very close with the guys and girls from camberley taking it right down to the wire with just an ippon from Ashley makenzie winning it for the club . Camberley club captain and Legacy Athlete Nathon Burns collected the trophy.

After the match the Athletes where auction off and local buisness bid for them , all money raised went to there training food and living exspenses.

At the end of the evening lots of money had been raised for the club and the players and a fantastic evening was had by all.