The Legacy Manifesto 2019


Since I started Legacy in 2014 my mission has been to encourage everyone to leave a legacy; whether that’s through fitness, sport, music or business.

For me living an active lifestyle is how like to take care of myself; physically and mentally. I like nothing more than to hit the gym, step away from the office and take my dog, Moo, for a walk, get back relax and watch a film. After all its about balance.

And with that in mind everything here at Legacy is designed with a purpose; a goal to help you achieve your balance and leave your legacy behind whatever that may be.

I am so excited to share our manifesto and I would love you to join everyone here at Legacy as we do our best to live by this.


Whether you are new to the gym or a professional athlete, Legacy is for absolutely everyone. We work with ambassadors who are just learning, right up to professional athletes and teams. And we want to include more of you in our scheme, no matter what your shape, size, sporting background or ability.


Self-care is very important for the team this year. We will be taking time out every now and then to show you how we switch off, refresh and recharge; not just for our bodies but for our mental health too. All of us at Legacy are all too aware of the importance of talking to someone when times get tough so we support you and the team in that. After all self-care is not selfish; we should all make time to practice it more. Like I said before life is about balance.



This is a big one for us here at Legacy as we make a huge step to make clothes from plastic from the oceans and working more with recycled fabrics. Last year we launched the Zhu collection made from Bamboo but we know we can do more so we’re not stopping there. We will be eating locally, buying food from local markets, buying reusable coffee cups and water bottles.


This is the year try new things; a new workout or a sport or hobby. For me, that’s getting back on the ice at some point this year and playing some hockey. It’s where I built all my friends which are still close to me. This is also a switch off from work moment for me which is hugely important. What will you do?


Whatever you do this year, give it your all, have fun and go Leave your Legacy

Adam Franks

Founder & CEO at Legacy

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