Try these "Egg in the hole" bagels guys, they're super simple to make, nutritious and delicious!



You will need:

Super seed bagel (or any bagel of your choice)

Bacon (ideally low fat medallions)




Red Peppers (or veggies of your choice)

Chilli Honey


Step 1 - Grill your bacon and vegetables together  with a few sprays of low cal oil.

Step 2 - Grab a bagel. Cut it in half, make a slightly bigger hole in the top. Warm the top of the bagel in a clean pan over a medium heat and put the bottom to one side for now.

Step 3 - Crack an egg into the hole in the bagel in the pan and press down on the bagel to prevent any leakages. Cook for 3 - 4 minutes.

Step 4 - Toast the bottom half of your bagel.

Step 5 - Once the bacon and veggies are cooked take them out of the pan and start layering them on your bagel. (I placed a bed of spinach at the bottom and layered from there.)

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