People must realise influencers aren’t really their friends


Now don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong in people getting paid to promote products on social media. But there is something wrong with followers not being aware that the celebrity they follow is being paid thousands of pounds or in some cases hundreds of thousands just to promote the product (that doesn’t work) they say they are recommending.

For those who don’t use Instagram (where have you been by the way?) this is how it works; the larger the following the celebrity or influencer has, the more that person gets paid.

Okay lets use Fyre festival as an example. Their idea was to create a buzz using top models and influencers sharing pictures on Instagram in bikinis on the beach with the #fyrefestival. Unaware to their followers back home was how much they were all getting paid for this as they never used the #ad so it looked like the were actually recommending this festival. One top influencer was Kendall Jenner. She was paid a massive $250,000 dollars just for one post promoting the event.

Now in the UK under the 2008 consumer protection, unfair trading regulations, these celebrities and influencers who are paid to promote products have to make this clear with #ad underneath the post. But this is not happening. We are still seeing them making posts and not saying they have been paid for it and unfortunately the fitness industry is one of the biggest markets for these type of irresponsible posts.

Don’t get me wrong; there are some very good influencers out there who will only link up with companies if the believe their audience will benefit from the advertisement, but there is also the other end of the spectrum. Their is those who simply don’t care what they advertise and to who, ¬†just as long as there is an easy pay cheque in it for them.

I see far too many girls posting on social media that they are not happy in there own skin and taking advice from an ex reality tv stars who is selling a weight loss product such as weight loss lollies, detox teas and skinny coffee, which, lets be honest don’t work and and actually can be quite harmful to the body. We have to realise these highly influential people are not are friends and are letting the very people who look up to them down.

With the pressure on young women to live up to these images they see, this type of irresponsible posting by them can lead to all kinds of mental heath issue in young women viewing this type of material which can lead to anxiety, depression and self harm and this has to change. Maybe its time Facebook and Instagram actually did something about this as we are at Legacy are sick of seeing this and nothing happening.

So my message to you is lets be smarter guys, think before with follow this person’s advice and remember there is no quick fix. If you want to lose some weight are get fitter then go to the gym speak to a personal trainer and ask for their help; they will be able to guide you in the right direction.