Men are feeling the pressure to look good

It’s common knowledge that for years women have been under pressure to have the ‘perfect’ body. But what about us guys?

Whether it’s David Beckham in his pants, Cristiano Ronaldo in his shorts or David Gandy with his shirt off, the pressure on men to look good is growing steadily. New research for Good Morning Britain has found that in a poll of a thousand men aged 18 to 40, over half felt under pressure to look good while 40 percent felt social media images affected the way they felt about their own appearance, while Almost 20 per cent even told us they knew someone who takes steroids.

Recentley a daily mail study showed that Just eight percent of men feel confident about their physique, while 11 percent of men said that they actively loathe their shape .

The Pressure to get fit comes from a range of different sources 29 percent said other halves being the main one while Other factors increasing the pressure on men to look good include the influence of celebrities and Athletes.

The Pressure to get a better body increased with the approach of summer,  33 per cent of men saying sunny days upped their desire to hit the gym. But only four percent said they were willing to work on their bodies during the winter months.

what do you think , are you feeling under pressure to look a certain way ?

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