Better Never Stops

Better Never Stops

It has been two months since the grand opening of Legacy's pop-up store, and the excitement is still there. With time comes the promise of innovation and fresh ideas, so as Legacy celebrates its milestone, it does so by releasing its latest and most meaningful collection to date—the "Better Never Stops" collection. This collection carries the spirit of Legacy's core values, a motto that has guided the brand since the start. Brace yourselves for an exclusive range of women's t-shirts, vests, and hoodies, along with men's t-shirts and hoodies, all adorned with the iconic slogan, which will be available exclusively at our Camberley store.


The journey of Legacy began several years ago, fuelled by a passion for exceptional sports fashion and a commitment to quality. From the start, the brand adopted "Better Never Stops" as its powerful and timeless strapline. This motto has been more than just a marketing catchphrase; it has been ingrained in the brand's DNA, serving as a guiding light for every decision made at Legacy. This collection pays tribute to that motto, reflecting the enduring dedication to improving, evolving, and always striving for the best.


To celebrate the success of the Legacy pop-up store in Camberley, the "Better Never Stops" collection will be exclusively available at this location. Camberley has been the heart and soul of our brand's growth, and it is our way of giving back to the community that has supported us throughout our journey. We invite fashion enthusiasts and Legacy fans from all around to experience this exclusive range and be a part of the Legacy story.


As we step into the future, guided by our timeless motto, we continue to redefine fashion and inspire individuals to embrace their unique selves. Join us in celebrating this special collection, available exclusively at our Camberley store, and let the Legacy journey of progress and passion continue. Remember, at Legacy, "Better Never Stops."

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