Creating a Legacy

Creating a Legacy

Adam Frank's journey from being a successful ice hockey player to becoming the Founder of Legacy Sportswear is an inspiring story of determination,  vision and hard work.  The brand strapline ‘better never stops” is testament to Adam’s dedication and commitment to his goals which is apparent in the kit that he produces and his relationship with his customers and the teams that he supplies to.

Legacy was established in 2013, when Adam Franks started to impress Olympic sports stars with his quality team sports clothing. He has since earned himself a reputation for producing quality, stylish team sports clothing. So much so, professional sports teams now turn to legacy year after year to produce their training and match kit.

"I was inspired to watch my first ice hockey game by a friend at primary school who had recently returned from the states. From that moment watching my first ever game, I knew it was the sport for me."

I learnt to skate, bought the kit and was ready to join a club! Unfortunately, though, around this time I was diagnosed with epilepsy. The doctors weren’t so keen on letting me play, and clubs were turning me away as they felt it was a risk to let me join them. I persevered, speaking to a few clubs until Guildford Ice Hockey Club agreed to let me play!

I was a late starter to the game and on medication for my epilepsy that made it harder to train, so the odds were stacked against me. But I worked hard and got the opportunity to go through the junior training programme.

When I turned 18 I was selected to play for the Guildford Flames and played professionally for two seasons in the British National League.  I then moved to the Basingstoke Buffalo and in my first season there we won the league, the playoffs and the playoff final; making history as the first southern team to claim the triple record. (This record still stands today!)

Whilst this was happening, I was also pursuing my career in the fitness industry. I was running a bootcamp and had ordered a few branded hoodies. When people in gyms and fitness venues kept paying more attention to the quality of my hoodie and my logo than my bootcamp, I realised I’d stumbled upon a great business idea!

It was important to me to focus on quality performance-clothing . I knew a lot of athletes, many of whom had taken part in the London 2012 Olympics, so I worked with them to design the best clothing I could. From swimmers to hockey players, I gathered invaluable feedback and information that allowed me to build products for their sports.


We launched Legacy in 2013 with 10 products

We grew fairly rapidly and I took on an office in Camberley. Within a year we’d taken 2 more offices in that building to handle the growth. My old team, the Guildford Flames, gave me the kit contract to provide their training gear and things went from strength to strength!

Epilepsy has certainly added challenges to my life and career, but it’s also taught me so much. I know I have to get straight back up and start again with adaptations so I come back fighting every time.

Legacy currently supply kit to numerous high-profile teams, including Guildford Flames Ice Hockey Club.

Better never stops.

Create your Legacy.

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