Fear: that universal emotion that lurks within us all. It can be a paralysing force, holding us back from pursuing our dreams and taking risks. For me, this fear was particularly present when the idea of opening a pop-up store in our hometown of Camberley took place. The legacy of this venture was at stake, and the "what ifs" loomed: What if they say we’re no good? What if we fail?


We had already carved a niche for ourselves as an established ecommerce store, catering to our audience online. But this new challenge was unlike any we had faced before – transforming an idea into a tangible reality in a matter of days. Yet, in my years of steering a company, one truth has become apparent: embracing fear is the pivotal first step towards conquering it!


Fear, especially self-imposed, can be deceptive. It forms barriers that stand between us and the "good stuff" in life – those moments and opportunities we live for. Reflecting on the journey of launching our pop-up store, it's clear that fear is just a construct, formed by our minds. What truly exists in the moment is the emotional whirlwind it leaves – the worry, anxiety, and surge of confusion.


Embarking on new ventures, both personal and entrepreneurial, demands a willingness to take calculated risks. Yet, with risk often comes discomfort. In the case of our pop-up store, overcoming this fear was essential to our triumph. I recognised that if I wanted this venture to succeed, I needed to confront my fears head-on. I interrogated my apprehensions: Was it the fear of tarnishing the brand's credibility in case of failure? The secret, I discovered, is that fear loses its grip when we acknowledge it, bringing it out of the shadows and into the light of rationality.


Fear is a part of life and business. But we must remember that within fear, there are opportunities. When we confront our fears, we can learn more about ourselves and push our limits. Our store opening showed me that fear can be a powerful motivator.


So, when fear comes up next time, try to understand it and let it push you to do new things. The rewards on the other side of fear are worth it.

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