How to Style Your Go-To Hoodie for Any Occasion

How to Style Your Go-To Hoodie for Any Occasion

A good hoodie should be versatile enough to take you from work to the gym, to any social occasion, in any season.

The hoodie is everyone's go-to item, and after all, the hoodie has your back. Going to the gym, throw on a hoodie, nothing to wear on a rest day, you guessed it, the humble hoodie the staple piece.

Is it possible, however, to refresh your favourite hoodie or sweatshirt for a stylish athletic look on a night out? You bet it is!

Hoodies are the most comfortable item you probably own, and let's be honest, you probably have at least 5 in your wardrobe. At Legacy, we have a variety of styles to choose from, including oversized, heavyweight, fitted, clean cut, crew neck, and our eco-friendly sustainable range.

So, whether you prefer them cropped, zipped, hooded, or baggy, we have some styling tips to help you make the humble hoodie look good on any occasion.


Casual Loungewear Looks

For Men:

  • Wearing your favourite Legacy Rest Day Hoodie, jeans and some classic vintage kicks is a classic timeless look for everyday wear.


  • For a cosy tracksuit look, pair the Legacy oversized hoodie with the same-color joggers and some sporty sneakers.


  • On hotter days, pair the Legacy Rest Day shorts in a solid block colour with an over-sized heavy weight hoodie and high-top trainers for a casual laid-back look.

For Women:


  • Combine the Legacy oversized hoodie with a T-shirt and the Legacy black Unleashed leggings for maximum versatility. But, for a sportier, summer vibe, integrate biker shorts into your wardrobe. Alternatively, a quintessential pair of black skinny jeans will never go out of style.


  • Look sporty in a Legacy long-sleeved Rest Day hoodie, matching joggers from the same collection, an oversized denim jacket or bomber jacket for extra warmth, high tops or trainers, and a ball cap.


  • Smart Trousers with a white Legacy crew neck or hoodie are yet another way to demonstrate how versatile the hoodie look can be while exuding smarter energy.

Fashion-Forward Streetwear Looks

For Men:


  • For a bold yet classic look, layer a zip-up Legacy hoodie over a graphic tee and wear it under a leather jacket or an oversized bomber.


  • Alternatively, pair a Legacy Crew neck sweatshirt with a staple pair of blue boyfriend or skinny jeans.


For Women


How to Choose Your New Favourite Legacy Hoodie



Wear a hoodie like the Legacy Rest Day to stay dry and warm as the weather changes. It's intended for colder weather; look for an insulating fabric that doesn't add too much weight.



Hoodies and sweatshirts are available in a variety of styles. Choose a fit and cut that is comfortable for you and that you can style and pair with other items in your wardrobe. Stay versatile!



Depending on your preferences, some of our hoodies have full and quarter zips. Both are super practical and on-trend for warmer months as a throw-on piece.



Some sweatshirts have hoods, while others do not; again, this is a personal preference!



Pockets are always practical to have but at Legacy we have the choice of both if they're not particularly your style.


Legacy Sportswear has always created clothing that is more about you than it is about us. All of our collections are designed with style and substance in mind. They're made to fit and flatter, so shop our collections today!




















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