Legacy embarks on our most ambitious mission to date

Legacy embarks on our most ambitious mission to date

In early February last year, Legacy embarked on an ambitious mission: to enhance the design of our hockey jerseys from the previous season. Although the previous design had received positive feedback, we felt that we could raise the bar even higher. Armed with fresh feedback and valuable data, we recognised that creating something truly exceptional would require an early and concerted effort on our part.


One of the pivotal factors that drove us to seek change was our growing dissatisfaction with overseas suppliers. The jerseys we received from abroad consistently fell short of our quality standards. Moreover, the extended delivery times were a continual source of frustration for both us and our loyal customers. Beyond these issues, we couldn't ignore the environmental impact of shipping jerseys halfway around the world, a concern that didn't align with our commitment to sustainability.


With these concerns in mind, we made the bold decision to collaborate with a renowned British manufacturer. After several productive discussions, we eagerly arranged a visit to their factory to explore a range of sample fabrics. This visit marked the beginning of an exhilarating journey, during which we meticulously assessed the unique needs of both players and goalies, ensuring we selected the perfect fabric for each position.


Time and time again, we've witnessed other brands compromise on fabric quality and jersey fit. This was a pitfall we were determined to avoid at all costs. At Legacy, our guiding principle is to take something that is already beloved by our teams and fans and elevate it season after season.


This season, we are incredibly proud to introduce the Guildford Flames Training Jersey as a shining testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Crafting kits for professional clubs demands precision and attention to detail, with no room for error. These athletes demand the best, and their training jerseys must meet exacting standards to help them perform at their absolute best, day in and day out.


The meticulous attention we poured into the Guildford Flames Training Jersey reflects our dedication to quality and innovation. We knew that we couldn't afford to compromise, and we didn't. This jersey stands as an emblem of our unwavering commitment to our teams and their relentless pursuit of excellence on the ice.


As a testament to our dedication, we're excited to announce that we have a limited number of these exclusive Flames training jerseys still available. Your chance to reserve one of these exceptional jerseys will be during the upcoming game against Sheffield on Sunday, the 24th. Don't miss this golden opportunity to own a piece of Legacy's journey towards perfection in jersey craftsmanship. Together, we are redefining the very essence of quality in the world of hockey jerseys, one stitch at a time. Join us in this thrilling pursuit of excellence and experience the Legacy difference for yourself!


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