Say Hello To The 23/24 Franchise Jersey

Say Hello To The 23/24 Franchise Jersey

Legacy Designs: New and Improved Hockey Jerseys for the 23/24 Season


Every hockey fan understands the significance of a team jersey—it represents the heart and soul of the players and their dedicated fan base. Whether you're cheering for your favourite team or aspiring to join the ranks of the pros, the most exhilarating plays and memorable moments happen on the ice. As a trusted supplier of team apparel for over six seasons, outfitting the Guildford Flames and other teams in the league, we are proud this season to introduce our latest innovation in hockey kit design, offering everything you need to get game day ready.


Today, here at Legacy we’re unveiling our highly anticipated hockey kit for the 23/24 season. Recognising the iconic status of the hockey jersey, we have completely reimagined its design. Our franchise jersey boasts streamlined design lines, lighter graphics, and a modern neckline, all reinforced with our new material. The result is a lightweight and breathable jersey that moves naturally with the body, allowing players to perform at their best. What's more, our jerseys are proudly designed and made in the UK, ensuring quicker lead times for teams to acquire their desired gear.


When designing ice hockey jerseys, we adopt a respectful approach that blends the past with the future. Having played hockey myself, I understand the immense pride that comes from suiting up and pulling on that jersey. Legacy is committed to providing athletes with the best products that give them an edge over their competition.


To witness the exceptional quality and design of our new hockey jerseys, we invite you to book an appointment with our teamwear department. Our experts are eager to assist you in getting your team ready for the upcoming season. Whether you're a professional team or a group of dedicated amateurs, Legacy has the right jersey to enhance your performance and unite your players. Get ready to make your mark on the ice!

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