We support a wide variety of team sports players and fitness individuals. Our ambassadors champion the Legacy brand and offer invaluable feedback and insight as we develop our products, ensuring only the very best pieces are produced.



"My name's Josh Kempton I’ve been a model for over 4 years and health and fitness has been my life! Being a personal trainer / online coach as well as a model, my life is involved around my passion, which I am very grateful for!

From when I first worked with Legacy and met Adam and the team, and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable. You can tell that the ethos and legacy (excuse the pun) that Adam is trying to create is something extremely special. It is an absolute pleasure to be affiliated with not just Legacy but be a part of the Legacy family too. From the quality of the clothes to the quality of the people it’s a top notch business."

Health & Fitness Model


"I've been working with legacy for a few months now, and love the company because i feel it caters to under-appreciated sports. My favourite product would be any of the Signature tee's because they fit great and feel amazing to train in."



"I've been working for legacy for 4 years now and I love the products because they are figure-flattering, squat-proof and great quality so super long lasting!

My favourite product is my Zhu bamboo black leggings because they are super soft and versatile for different activities; from yoga to teaching my high-intensity classes and even just as loungewear at home."

Fitness Instructor


"I have been working with legacy for 6 months now. The quality and fit of the products are second to none. My favourite piece of clothing is the Unleashed sports bra which gives you the ideal balance between comfort and support, perfect for an athlete."

GB Open Water Swimmer


"I've been working with Legacy since 2015! I love the products because they have always prioritised quality over the cost when producing new items - yet they're always fashionable and functional in the gym; I still wear Legacy originals that i got 5 years ago and they're still squat proof!

My favourites are the Unleashed leggings and the cropped hoodies. The leggings are perfect for running or high intensity workouts as the strong waistband stops them from slipping down and there's a pocket perfectly sized to slip your phone on while you run. The cropped hoodies I usually wear to/from the gym or just for chilling as they are sooo soft!"

Fitness Instructor


"Legacy jumped on board as a member of my team for my cage warriors 92 fight in March 2018 and have been working alongside them since.

I'm a huge fan of a number of products but think the one that steals the show is the black on black tshirt. The quality and design allow for it to be worn either to the gym or even out and about."



"I have been lucky enough to work with the Legacy team since September 2019, I love the legacy products because I believe they offer great variety for male & females.

My favourite piece has to be my Legacy tank because it’s breathable and non restrictive, which allows me full range of movement in the gym."

Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach


"I've been working with Legacy for 2 years now, and love the products because they are stylish, comfortable and long lasting.

My favourite product is the classic zip up hoody because it’s so snug and I love the high neck on it. I’m also a huge fan of the leggings which always pull in compliments. They are not see-through like some, they are flattering and they don’t fall down while I’m training."

Influencer & Business Woman